Franke Park Master Plan

Creating a new vision for Franke Park

Bird's Eye.jpg

Franke Park, home of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, is one of the most popular and visited parks in the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation system. It is well-loved in the community and we are embarking on this master planning process to assure its continued vibrancy and contribution to the people of the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

Throughout the seven-month master planning process, the planning team will consider the infrastructure, ecology, design, and programming of Franke Park. Building on existing plans, this project will provide a comprehensive planning document which will guide the park’s development over the next decade and beyond, with the following guiding principles always in mind:

  • Seek to balance ecology, recreation, and the built environment.

  • Promote and support a variety of activities and uses that encourage active and passive recreation.

  • Celebrate and preserve the cultural history of Franke Park and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

  • Ensure creative, sustainable, authentic, high quality design and development.

  • Implement best practices for storm water management, incorporating existing water bodies within the park.

  • Increase connections between the park, the greenway, the zoo, downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Provide, protect, and improve public access to Spy Run Creek, Shoaff Pond, and Frog Pond.

  • Protect and manage existing woodlands and significant viewsheds.

Franke Park is one of the great jewels of our park system. It is home to one of Fort Wayne’s top attractions for tourists and locals alike, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. We must look ahead and plan for its continued vibrancy and health, as we look back and appreciate its contribution to our quality of life.
— Mayor Tom Henry